Smelly Belly Button: Causes and Treatment

smelly belly button
Have you ever experienced smelly belly button? It is the condition which your belly button that is quite far from your nose located has some problems. The major cause that you can take into explanation is the hygiene issue. This hollow area is mostly dominated with dirt, germs, bacteria, and other kinds of microorganism.

Most people tend to ignore and put aside the importance of cleaning the belly button regularly. In fact, people need to clean their belly button regularly so that it will always be in clean condition. Otherwise, you will keep storing dirt, germs, and also bacteria into a thick wall..

Pain in Belly Button Area

The Causes of Smelly Belly Button

Why does my belly button smell bad? What can be the causes of experiencing smelly belly button? Surgery, infections, and also cysts are the causes of your belly button turns to be so smelly. As there are nearly a hundred types of bacteria, the main cause of smelly belly button can be said as the bacterial infection. How is it possible?

Infected belly button piercing – Well, let’s say that you have a piercing in the belly button and you rarely clean it regularly. It will make an infection which can get worse when you don’t pay attention to it. When there is some infections made by bacteria, then it will create green or yellow discharge and it is smelly, stink and wet.
belly button smells bad and weird like poop or cheese

Yeast can be another cause of the smelly belly button. It is caused by a yeast that will grow in the damp and dark area of your body. It could be in skin fold, under the arms, and also belly button. It will grow faster when you rarely clean it. It creates red and itchy rashes on the area around your navel.

Diabetes – People with diabetes would have bigger risk of experiencing yeast infection. It is because the yeast will feed on sugar. For women, they will tend to experience vagina yeast infection.
why do belly buttons smell and stink

The Treatment to Get Rid of It

The right treatment that you can do when you find some discharge on your belly button is by directly seeing the doctor whether it is an infection especially when you have just had a surgery.

Some other symptoms of an infection could be by redness, fever, tenderness, and also some pain when urinating. After observing and examining, the doctor would diagnose the right cause of your infection.

In order to treat this infection, you need to keep all the skin clean. You can use some kinds of skin cream or antifungal powder to remove the yeast infection if there is any.
belly button stinks

When you are a diabetes person then you need to reduce the sugar intake in your body. If you want to treat urachal cyst, you will be suggested to consume antibiotics. It is aimed to clear the infection so that surgery can perform surgery.

Sometimes people would freak out imagining about these things happen to them. Unless you want these things to happen to you, you need to make sure that you have to clean the belly button regularly so that there won’t be discharge that will come out from your belly button. It is really uncomfortable to have smelly belly button.

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