Feeling Sick in the Morning: Logical Explanations & Conditions

Everyone may connect the dots between feeling sick in the morning with pregnancy. After all, morning sickness is usually related to the condition of being pregnant.

However, morning sickness isn’t always related to a pregnancy. In fact, you may be surprised to know that having the morning sickness is basically a pretty common condition that can happen to everyone – men or women.
feeling sick in the morning male and female

The Normal Condition

So, what’s the explanation for feeling a bit sick in the morning? First of all, you need to realize that your body won’t be able to function normally after you just wake up.

You will feel sluggish and cranky, aside from the nausea and queasiness. It is a common condition, really, and it isn’t always related to digestive or gastrointestinal problem.
what causes feeling sick in the morning

The Reasons

There are some common reasons why you may not feeling well when you wake up:

  • Insomnia. It will affect your circadian rhythm, which is responsible for the nausea. And how is it related? Well, believe it or not, the circadian rhythm and the digestive system are actually connected to one another. When you affects one system, you will affect another.
  • Early wake up. It will create a chaotic feeling to your system because it messes with your regular and daily routine
  • Irregular sleep. When you constantly go to sleep and wake up at irregular hours and times, your body will confuse itself. You need to remember that our body isn’t made of steel or machine – it is made of flesh and blood. It can’t function properly when the body’s hour isn’t fixating itself on the regular pattern.
  • Low blood sugar. You probably have slept for at least 6 hours, while some may spend 8 to 10 hours for the nigh sleep. It is no wonder if your stomach is empty, resulting in the low blood sugar. To overcome this, you need something light – light snack or light breakfast will do.
  • Irregular activities. Let’s say that you usually have something in the morning before leaving for work or school. And suddenly, you can’t do it again because of the morning rush. Again, it creates a chaos in the body as your body is confused. Disrupting something irregular can result in a temporary chaos, especially for your digestive system.

feeling sick in the morning

There are also some possible reasons why you may be a little off in the morning. If you had eaten a heavy meal – especially the heavy and fatty one – it will delay the stomach emptying process, causing the acid to rise and up.

If you have been drinking the night before, it is also possible that you are experiencing a hangover. Nervousness can also cause the nausea, especially if you have an important event first in the morning. Whether it is an important presentation, business meeting, or flight, nervousness can also cause you to be a bit nauseous.

As long as you understand the cause and your own condition, you can deal with it. For instance, don’t eat too much of fatty foods before going to bed, especially if you have an important meeting in the morning. If you do have a reflux problem, elevate your head or wait for 3 hours before going to bed. Now that you know the causes for feeling sick and weak in the morning, which one is yours?

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