Easy Ways on How to Fake a Fever

Ways on how to fake a fever may be needed for some of you who need an excuse to avoid school or work very badly. Sometimes you really feel bored with your working routine that you feel like wanting to get a day or two off from you work, or you are a student who wants to skip school because you haven’t done your homework or assignment, or there will be an exam you want to avoid, you need to make a perfect excuse to get you out from them.

The best way to do so is to fake an illness. In this case, faking a fever will be the perfect solution to make an excuse.

How to Get Sick for Real?

how to fake a fever

How to Fake a Fever in Easy Ways

In a lot of cases, not only students who can try to fake an illness just to avoid going to school but there are also plenty of adults want to fake an illness because they want to have a day or two days off from work due to fatigues or overly bored with all the routines you do at the office.

Having an illness is considered to be the easiest way to make a perfect excuse. In fact, it is quite easy to fake an illness, especially a fever. You can do it without taking much effort. Here in this article, I’m going to give you a guide in how to give yourself a fever in easy ways.
how to make yourself get a fever

To fake a fever is easy if you know exactly what to do. The first thing to do is you need to act convincingly that you are sick. Then prepare a bottle full of hot water. Press the bottle to your forehead for some time before your parents come in to feel it. Your forehead will be hotter as the bottle will have raised a few degrees of your forehead temperature.

There is another option besides using hot water bottle. It is using your pillow. Bury your face in it and begin to breathe heavily. When the pillow is warm put it on your forehead. This can also raise the temperature on your forehead.
how to make yourself sick with a fever

The next thing to do is try to complain about your symptoms, do it as natural as it can. Remember, you need to act convincingly to make other people believe that you really sick, really have a fever. From time to time try to coughs and sneeze and act as normal as it can like you are really sick.

You have to act the whole day even when there is nobody hearing or watching you. And of course for not making it too obvious, don’t get better so sudden. Don’t overdo your act. Just act like you are really have a fever. Your ability to act is tested in here.

If you want to make an excuse with illness and want people around you convince that you are really suffering from a fever, you have to try applying these easy ways on how to make yourself have a fever.

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