Common Causes of Pain near Belly Button

Pain near belly button is something that people cannot exactly figure out what the people are suffering from. They need to find out some causes of this pain in order to know how to solve it, whether they can drink medical prescription from the doctor or they need to go under surgery.

Generally, there are some common causes why people experience stomach pain in belly button. It could be just slight problem but there is a risk of potential and fatal condition too. For your information, when people are experiencing the pain around the belly button, the most common reasons are pregnancy, indigestion, and also constipation.
belly button pain


Indigestion can be one of the reasons of the slight pain near the belly button. When it happens, you will feel something burning and you will feel discomfort especially in the area of the upper abdomen. Indigestion is further connected to functional dyspepsia which can be treated by doing some therapies.


pain above below under lower belly button
For women who experience pain near the belly button, it would be better for them to consult to their doctor whether they are pregnant or not.

However, there is also a possibility of experiencing hernia while you are pregnant although it is claimed as a rare case. What are the signs of the umbilical hernia? You will experience vomiting and nausea. The pain would be in and around the belly button and you might find a swelling near it.


sore belly button hurts
Suffering from constipated can affect the belly button to feel pain. When it lasts only in a short period then it isn’t something to be worried about. In contrast, when the pain doesn’t go away for more than a month, it should be a warning for you to see your doctor.

Surgery after effect

sharp pain in middle of stomach above belly button area
After doing a surgery, the pain should have been healed over the time. In fact, sometimes some people still feel the pain after the surgery. For a few days, it is still acceptable but when it lasts for months, it seems nonsense.

That is why people have to see the doctor to get the further treatment. It could be the bacterial infection during the surgery. When you put aside this kind of issue, it may lead to the stomach cancer which is going to be so dangerous.


pain on right side or left inside of belly button
During the surgery, the doctor may find the result why you feel the pain inside the belly button. Yes, it is the inflamed appendix. It is a condition where the patients feel totally painful which is killing them. It is not a minor case where people to don’t have to be focusing on it. It can apparently result to death.

When this condition doesn’t get immediate treatment, it will cause them to suffer from peritonitis. Peritonitis is the rupture of the appendix and there would be infection which will spread in the area of the abdomen. This makes people unable to walk properly due to the painful feeling they suffer. Thus, people need to know what to react and what to do when they experience the pain behind belly button.

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