Belly Button Discharge (“Leaking”) & the Possible Reasons

Did you pay proper attention to your belly button or did you just leave it be without thinking it that much? If so, do reconsider how you act. Even belly button can be the place where health issue comes from. belly button leaking

Since it is dark, warm, and moist place – dirt, bacteria, fungus, and other germs can easily get trapped inside. Once they start to multiply, it might cause an infection. Then, you get belly button ‘leaking’ with white, yellow, brown, green or bloody discharge. Don’t you want to know the causes? Let us mention them right here below.

Navel “leaking” is pretty much known as belly button discharge. It is mainly caused by infection, but can be possible caused by illness and surgery as well.

The Infection Caused by the Bacteria

belly button discharge
Infections are the most common cause of belly button discharge. Without doubt, bacterial infection becomes the first cause of this health issue. You need to know that your belly button is the home to almost 70 types of bacteria. Now that you know it, there is definitely high possibility for infection to happen in your belly button.

It might happen if you don’t take good care of its hygiene. Along with yellow or green, foul-smelling discharge, you might have swelling, pain, and scab around the belly button. Now, it is not something comfortable to get, right?

The Infection Caused by Type of Yeast

navel leaking discharge
Belly button infection can be caused by yeast, you see. In this case, the known one would be candida. While it might typically occur in the groin area or under the arms, yeast can be there even in your belly button.

Once it gets infected by it, it will cause red, itchy rash. Not to mention, you might have to experience of getting thick, white discharge too. Neither infection is good for your belly button. Now, you see just how much things, like bacteria and yeast could do to your very body.

The Diabetes that Calls Yeast Infection

yellow brown white red clear discharge from belly button male and female
Even illness can trigger the infection. Yes, diabetes is what we are pointing out here. Why wouldn’t it be? It is all because yeast feeds on sugar. It is not always the case, but there is high possibility that people with diabetes are more prone to yeast infection.

Typically, it would be v4g1n4l yeast infection, but there are some other studies pointing out that yeast infection in belly button is possible too. The reason is clear and understandable. That is why diabetes is considered as one of causes of this issue.

The Surgery that Drains Pus from Belly

The last but not the least reason is surgery. To be exact, we are referring to abdominal surgery here. After surgery for hernia repair for example, there might be pus draining from your belly button. If it happens, it means that there is an infection happening inside your body. Thus, it needs to be treated.

Navel discharge can indeed be triggered by other things like this. It is not always caused straight by the bacteria themselves. Sure, it is a bit tricky, but just look for treatment when your belly button does leak. Consult it with doctor.

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