How to Get Sick for Real Ways and Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to get sick for real? It is pretty normal when you want to take a break for once in a while. Let’s say that you want to take a break for school or work a day or two, simply because you just need a break and you want to relax for a while.

Making excuses will be easy – faking it to look real is the challenging one. But if you want to make it look real and believable, there are actually some things to do.
how to get sick for real

Looking Feverish for Real

Getting yourself feverish with high temperature may take an extra effort but if you can do it, you will make a believable fake. The idea is to expose yourself to many activities and make yourself worn out or tired.

Strenuous exercise can be a good idea. You can go home sweaty and then immediately take a cold shower. It will definitely amp up your temperature.

You can also take a warm bath with bigger steam. After you are done with the bath, drink hot water or other warm beverage. Instead of turning on the AC, you need to turn on the heater. Even after the busy day, don’t immediately take a rest. Stay up late and don’t take enough rest. If you are able to do this, you can get the high temperature in the morning.

How to Fake a Fever?

how to get sick fast with fever

Faking Headache and Coughing

If you are a smoker, you should double the cigarette several days before. Coughing requires careful planning – it would be more convincing if you can do it several days before the big day. However, if you are going to do with the cigarette, remember that it can bring risks to your own health.

Doing the trick just once or twice in your lifetime is okay, but not occasionally or quite often. The best scheme, however, is to act out that you are coughing without actually harming your own health. If you are a good actor or actress, you should be able to make a convincing performance.

Meanwhile, faking headache should be easy because no one can really test you out. To make it believable, you need to remember what you experience when you are suffering from a headache. Act out as if you are truly experiencing the headache, including the light hypersensitivity and other factors.
way to get really sick

Appetite Loss and Hoarseness

Don’t forget that when you get sick, it is commonly accompanied by the loss of appetite. You should be able to resist the temptation to eat everything.

When you are offered some food, act out as if you don’t have any interest on it – even though it is your favorite one. Whether you decide to take a bite in secrets, it is up to you later – but when you are in front of everyone else, act out as if food didn’t interest you at all.

A little bit of hoarseness can be good. You can try yelling or screaming or singing all day long before the big day, but if you don’t feel like it, you can fake it. Those are the things you can do in your attempts on how to get sick for real.

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