Outie Belly Button, Its Causes, and the Solutions that You Might Want to Consider

outie belly button
What does your belly button look like? If it dips inward, we call it innie. On the other hand, we call it outie, if it sticks out. With the trend of navel tattoo and belly button piercing, people pay more attention to how their belly button looks.

Between the two kinds, outie belly button is the biggest concern for people. It does not look good somehow. Just what are the causes then? Does it pose danger to our health? Why do people have outie belly buttons?

To find this out, we need to discuss further in this opportunity. Let’s see what we can find from this button condition.

The Causes that Get Us the Outie Button

How do you get an outie belly button? Actually, there is no exact cause of this condition. However, in newborn babies, the skin is said to just choose to grow outward after the umbilical cord stump drops off. Meanwhile, in pregnant women, their navels do pop out temporarily.
newborn baby outie belly button sticking out outie belly button pregnancy navel popping out pregnant

As babies grow up, the outie might or might not go away. Of course, the outie will disappear after pregnant women giving birth. That being said, there is also possibility for the causes to be underlying medical conditions. Be sure to take a note of them.

They make be the case even if it is less often. The first medical condition is umbilical hernia. It usually appears when you get the intestine fat pushed through the small hole in the stomach muscles. Thus, the bulge in or near the navel is the result.
what causes an outie belly button

Outward belly button might also be caused by umbilical granuloma. It is swollen skin developing in the belly button after the umbilical cord falls off. It will harden if left untreated at all. You might worry if they can harm you in any way, but let’s see below.

The Solutions to Your Outie Belly Button

Outie belly is the condition where your belly button grows outward. Let us make things clear that there is no danger of having this belly button. It appears naturally in newborn babies and women during pregnancy. Since it can go away on its own, there is no need for you to treat it.

Even if it is caused by underlying medical conditions like what has been said before, there should be nothing serious happening. In umbilical hernia, the hole will close on its own after few years. In umbilical granuloma, you just need to prevent it from hardening and make ball of skin.
belly button sticking out navel popping out

If you find this in your child, you don’t need to rush to doctor. As long as it is not caused by serious problems, you can leave it be and it might go away by itself. Once your kid grows up, there is possibility that she will be bothered with her belly button condition.

If that is the case with you, you need to discuss it with pediatrician. All in all, since it poses no danger at all, there is no urgent need to treat it. In fact, it is best to accept the way you are than spending money over nothing serious.

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