Tips for Cleaning Belly Button Piercing that You Must Actually Do Regularly

cleaning belly button piercing
Having piercing in your belly button is great and all. However, you should know that infection development would be the number one thing that people would have from having it. That is why it becomes something necessary to keep your belly button hygiene every time. Just how are we supposed to do to clean it then?

Cleaning belly button piercing requires proper treatment. It won’t do with just washing it with soap and water. Doing it wrong might make things worse. So, let us give you some useful tips to keep it clean here.

Cleaning navel piercing should start by washing and scrubbing your hands clean. Then, use some solution to remove the crust and clean piercing.

Wash Hands and Make Good Scrub Down

how to clean navel piercing
Before you touch the piercing, you will have to make sure that your hands are clean from bacteria. Our hands are the perfect place to transfer bacteria for we come into contact with everything with our hands.

If you don’t want to transfer them and trigger infection, you should take good 30 seconds of time to wash your hands. Make sure to give them a good scrub down too since water is not enough to make the bacteria on your hands go away. Scrubbing alone still won’t be enough though.

Use Q-Tip to Remove Crusts Seen Around

what to use to clean belly button piercing ring with
Did you notice it? After you have your belly pierced, there will be some crust seen around the belly button area. It normally happens in the first few days. That being said, you will still have to deal with it. Of course, we can’t let the crust remain there forever.

Cleaning belly button crust must use Q-tip moistened with warm water. Remove the crust with it slowly and gently. Along with that, you will also be able to minimize the pain that you might be feeling around the tender area of belly button.

Make Sea Salt Mix and Use It Twice/Day

how to clean belly button piercing
There is something that you need to do twice per day too. It would be none other than cleaning the piercing with sea salt solution. With ¼ teaspoon of sea salt and 8 ounces of boiled water, you can make the mixture yourself.

You don’t have to take off the piercing. Just use clean glass and pour the mixture in it once it cools. Press the cup against the skin. Then, sit and lay down while keeping the cup in its position firmly. Then, it should be enough to do the job to clean the piercing of the button.

Get Saline Solution to Rinse Twice/Day

how to keep your navel piercing clean belly ring solution
The next one you will need is saline solution. Just like before, you need to use it to rinse the belly button for quick and efficient healing of the piercing twice per day. This time, you need to use cotton balls and soak them in the solution to do the cleaning. Then, belly button piercing cleansing will be enough with these.

You can make the solution yourself, but there are the products you can find in the market to prepare everything for you. Just make sure you do it right without messing things up.

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