Treatments for Crusty Belly Button Without Irritating It Further and Making It Worse

crusty belly button
Why does my belly button get crusty? There are lots of things that can happen to your belly button, you see. It is dark, warm, and moist, making it easy for bacteria to grow. Candida is one of the examples are there are other fungi that can do the same, infecting the belly button and making it look red and itchy. Then, bacteria take advantage of the damage by fungi, leading to scabbing and yellowish discharge. That’s how you get crusty belly button.

You can also have crusts in your navel because you are not washing it. Skin cells regenerate regularly, some old stuff may get trapped in the folds of your belly button, and it can accumulate as dried skin. These skin cells dry up to become crusty.

How can we deal with that? There is no need to worry since it won’t be that difficult to treat this stomach issue here. Crusty belly button can be treated at home with proper treatment, right way of washing it, proper use of antiseptics, and what’s to avoid at the time.
crusty stuff in belly button yellow brown black red white crust in belly button around navel

Avoid Picking or Scratching Belly Button

Since your belly button is the one affected, you should be more careful of what you will be doing with it. Surely, you don’t want the problem to get worse, right? That is why the first treatment we suggest is for you to stop picking or scratching it.

Sure, it is itchy and uncomfortable, but try to resist the urge and you will keep yourself away from irritating the affected area more. The more you irritate it, the longer it will take for it to heal. In fact, it might even get worse without you knowing it.

Wash the Affected Area Proper and Gently

Without doubt, you have to keep your belly button hygiene. To do so, you will need to clean it properly. But, don’t turn it inside outside. The right way to do the job is to use water with enough salt and wash it gently with it. Use the shower head to rinse it and dab it to end it.

Belly button solution is easy to do, but you have to know the proper way to do it. Wrong move and you could make things worse. So, follow what we suggest here and you should do just fine with the problem.
belly button crust

Stop Dabbing Antiseptics on Affected Area

Sure, we need antiseptics to deal with infection. However, dabbing it on the affected area is wrong. In fact, you will make the condition even worse since you will irritate the area directly. So, you need to learn the proper way to do it. It is easy though.

All you need to do is to add the antiseptic to the water you will use to take a bath. Even if it is mixed with great amount of water, the antiseptic will still treat the affected area while washing away the bacteria in other parts of your body as you bath.

Don’t Ever Apply Creams from the Chemist

If there is something we want to never use for belly button crust, it would be none other than the creams from the chemist. You need to know that those creams are not good for the problem. Instead of treating the problem, it will only make it worse.

So, just use what’s suggested above and you will do just fine dealing with it. You don’t want to make it worse and longer to heal, right? We are sure that you would not be able to bear the discomfort forever. So, consider these treatments.

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