Belly Button Rash: Causes & Symptoms

Belly button rash is one of most common health problem ever occur in our body. It is most frequently triggered by allergies and infections. But on occasion certain autoimmune diseases like psoriasis can cause rashes on your belly button.

It is very uncomfortable having this kind of health problem. So to get rid of the allergy or infections triggering this skin rash around belly button you need to see a doctor to deal with it.
belly button rash

However, it’s not only a doctor who can treat rashes around your belly button. There are some home remedies you can try to get rid of rashes that ruin the look of your belly besides getting treatments from your doctor.

The Causes and Symptoms

Having skin rashes around your stomach is very disturbing, not only because of the discomfort but also the terrible look that can ruin the appearance of your belly every time you look yourself into the mirror. You can be very embarrassed and feel very uncomfortable having red rashes around your belly. This health problem is usually accompanied by further symptoms such as itching, pain on your belly and other discomforts.
itchy red skin rash around belly button under lower stomach

You need to know what can cause itchy rashes around you belly button so that you can get rid of it. That’s why I’m writing you this article, to provide you some important information regarding to belly button rashes.

There are some factors that trigger the existence of rashes around your belly button. What are they? Let’s find out!

  • Yeast infection

  • Hot, humid dark environment is the main cause of yeast infections’ growth. It is because our body is entirely covered with clothes and we are susceptible to sweat a lot in the area of our belly during hot weather.

    Candida is the main cause of most yeast infections that causing rashes around the belly button. It even affects the rashes in other parts of your body such as mouth or oral cavity, underarm, folds under breast, and the vagina.

    You can find out if you getting these symptoms: flake and scale red to purplish rashes, which can be covered with yellow crusts on top of them. As it is a kind of fungi, you will feel extremely itchy or pruritic. Try not to scratch the rash as it can cause bleeding or even emit horrible smelling.

  • Bacterial infection

  • If you have any injuries on your belly button because of cuts, surgeries, or belly button piercing, you tend to acquire belly button’s bacterial infections. It is because belly button is prone to many forms of infections whether it is fungal or bacterial ones.

    If you suffer from yeast infection and you scratch it a lot, it causes open wounds that will grow consequent bacterial infections. Staphylococcus and streptococcus are the most common bacteria causing belly button infection.

    Redness over belly button is one of the symptoms of this type of skin infection. Other symptoms are like you find in yeast infection. Abscess or cellulitis or even sepsis or septicemia is complication can exist if the infection is getting severe. These two are some factors that cause belly button rash.

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