Swollen Belly Button: the Causes & Symptoms You Need to Be Aware of It

swollen belly button
Did you know that belly button can get swollen as well? If it does happen to your child, we understand that you must have worried. As you might have known, there is umbilical cord connecting mother and her fetus in the womb.

When the abdominal wall layers don’t join properly and the tissues bulge through the weak spot of belly button, it will make what you know as swollen belly button or umbilical hernia. Of course, there are suspected causes of this issue. There are even other symptoms besides swelling too.
swollen belly

Bloated or distended belly button might be the sign of umbilical hernia. It is generally not painful, but can eventually cause discomfort and pose more danger to health.

Causes of Swelling on the Belly Button

Even though it is not always the case, umbilical hernia usually happens to newborn babies. It is usually not painful and does not cause discomfort. After quite some time, it will turn back to normal on its own. Well, we are talking about what’s in most cases though.

If it keeps remain just like that even after the child is 4 years old, it will be the time when you should seek treatment for him/her. However, this issue actually does not happen in babies only. Adults can even suffer the same too.
bulging belly button

If it is happening to adults, there are some possible causes of it. That said, basically they involve around putting too much pressure on the weak section of your abdominal muscles.

If we have to mention them, the causes include overweight, infection, frequent pregnancy, multiple gestation pregnancy, excess fluid of abdominal cavity, abdominal surgery, or persistent heavy cough. Is your belly button bulging out caused by one of these? Consult it with doctor and you might get some treatment for it. It is not something to be ignored after all.
belly button bloating and puffy navel pain

Symptoms of Swelling on Belly Button

Now, learning the causes won’t be enough to make you fully understand about this issue. Swelling that you find on your or one’s belly button is just one of the symptoms you could see with your eyes. It is not the only symptom there is of umbilical hernia.

In babies, the symptoms can be seen when they cry, laugh, or strain to use the bathroom. You might not be able to see them when the babies are relaxed though. Normally, it is painless in children. However, you can’t be ignorant about this when it comes to the health of the kids.

Sometimes, even babies would feel obvious pain and start vomiting. If that is the case with your babies, you should seek out the doctor to ensure the health of your babies. The bulge itself does look like it is swelling. Other than that, it is very tender and looks discolored.

Now that you know the button swelling signs, you must know when to look for the doctor. It might not feel painful at first, but can pose danger starting from making you feel all sorts of discomfort. So, don’t take it lightly and see the doctor as soon as you notice it.

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