Feeling Nauseous and Tired: What Causes Nausea & Fatigue?

Nausea and fatigue are common feeling when you just had a long day or week. But, do you ever feeling nauseous and tired even after having enough sleep and meals? If you have felt that way, you need to know the causes of your nausea and fatigue.

For some people, nausea and faint only occur when they have lack of energy. This happens after having not enough sleep and having unhealthy meals. Taking too much medicine to keep you awake will only make you feel nauseous and tired. So, if you are doing big projects, try to do it in your workhours and get enough sleep. Also, do not forget to have good eating habits to avoid getting your stomach queasy.
feeling nauseous and tired

Another lifestyle that causes fatigue and nausea is from the beverages that you have. You’ll be feeling nauseous and tired if you have too much alcohol and caffeine. The excessive amount of alcohol will leave your liver swollen and inflamed. The liver failure can lead to fatal disease. This disease has various symptoms, nausea and fatigue and weakness are among the symptoms that you have to start paying attention.

Feeling faint and nausea or vomiting are not only coming from the food and beverages that you consume. It is also a sign of health disorders that your body has. Achrestic anemia is one of the types of anemia that will make you feel nauseous and easily tired. Achrestic anemia is a condition in which your body is lack of vitamin B12. The lack of vitamin B12 makes the production of red blood cells low. Therefore, the circulation of oxygen in your body is not well.
nauseous and tired

One of the deadliest diseases, cancer, is the cause of nausea and fatigue, too. When someone has cancer, the bad cells are taking over the body. The healthy cells are gradually destroyed by the bad cells. This will leave the body exhausted. Multiple myeloma, the type of cancer with the least survivors, also have nausea and fatigue as its symptoms.

When someone is diagnosed having cancer, the doctors will give a lot of medicines and chemotherapy to heal the cancer. However, during the chemotherapy and also after the chemo, the person will feel nauseous and tired. This happens because throughout the chemotherapy, strong medications to fight cancer are injected to the veins. It then makes changes inside your body which makes you feel tired and nauseous.
feeling nauseous and tired all the time

Apart from the lifestyle and diseases, feeling nauseous and fatigue can be caused by your physical movements. Too much physical activity will leave your body weary, hence the nausea and fatigue. But, the lack of physical activity can also make you feel nauseous and tired. Try to manage your activity to prevent any unwanted situation. If you already feel tired or uneasy in your stomach after a long day, you need to drink enough water. It will keep your body hydrated.

There are several ways to prevent yourself from getting nauseous and tired, if it is not caused by diseases. You should start making a healthy schedule. Have 7 to 8 hours sleep each night because your body always needs some rest. Always eat healthy and have healthy eating habits, too. It would benefit you a lot. Don’t forget to exercise regularly and drink enough water to keep your strength.

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