Feeling Hot but No Fever: Some Possible Reasons

If you hear some people say that they are feeling hot but no fever, know that it is not an uncommon thing. The body is a complex system – anything can happen to it. After all, your skin as the outer layer of protection may experience (or be exposed to) many things.

You may not have a fever, and yet you are burning up. What’s happening to your system, anyway? Why does it happen to you?
feeling hot but no fever

why do i feel hot but no fever: Hot Flash or Flush

You need to remember that your body is going through a lot of things, so having an up and down in the temperature is pretty normal (see also feeling hot but low body temperature). As long as it stays on the normal body range and you don’t experience any accompanying symptoms, you have nothing to worry about.

However, you should also remember that your body is controlled by hormones and any changes in the hormones will affect your body as well.

why do i feel hot but no fever: Some Possible Reasons

If you feel burning up and yet you aren’t feverish or you don’t feel sick, it is most likely that you are experiencing hot flashes. And there are some reasons for the hot flashes to happen:

why do i feel hot but no fever: Stress

body head or face feeling hot but no fever
You may not know this but your body will release a certain chemical when you are stressed up, so the body can deal with it. Epinephrine, for instance, will be released to open up the blood vessels. In the end, you feel flushed.

Stress is generally accompanied by tense muscles, anxiety, feeling winded, sweating, and racy heartbeats. The best way to deal with stressful events is to work in a cool place. You can also practice breathing technique, meditation, or have a better organization.

why do i feel hot but no fever: Anxiety

feeling hot but no fever male female anxiety pregnancy
The body has its own natural defense mechanism, which is flight or fight – which is triggered by the hormones. One of the signs is the increase body heat. For some people, this system can be activated without any reason.

Anxiety is usually accompanied by stomach cramps, breath shortness, dreadful feel, nausea, and chest pain. You should have enough liquid – find a cool spot to cool down. Take a deep breath and try to relax.

why do i feel hot but no fever: Pregnancy

feeling hot without fever
You have another living creature inside of you, so your body has to provide and supply more blood. Not to mention that you have an extra burden while carrying the baby. It is pretty normal if you experience hot flashes. Often times, it is accompanied by dizziness, fatigue, and breath shortness.

Pregnant moms are advised to dress in cool clothes and have plenty of drinks. Replenish yourself with enough liquid, especially if you live in a hot and warm area. You should also take a lot of rest and break – it is not easy to carry extra weight around, you know?

There are still many causes responsible for the hot flashes. Hyperthyroidism, for instance, is the condition where the thyroid is excessively active, so the thyroid level is high.

Menopause is another possible reason for hot flashes, resulting in the hormones ‘going crazy’. If you are feeling really hot inside your body but no fever, be sure to check and monitor your condition and consult a professional health service if you think it is necessary.

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