Feeling Hot & Cold at the Same Time – 4 Suggestions to Try Stopping the Problem

feeling hot and cold at the same time
Feeling hot and cold at the same time is a sign of health issue, without doubt. However, it does not necessarily mean that it indicates life threatening issue. Such symptom can even happen when you feel anxiety. Anxiety is actually not some kind of problem to begin with.

That being said, you can even experience anxiety disorder when our fight system overacts. It gives you significant distress, thus your body feels hot and cold flashes. Here, let us tell you how you can stop the problem. You don’t need any drugs to do so too here.
hot and cold at the same time
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What to do when you feel hot & cold at the same time

Shedding/Adding More Clothes

Sometimes, simple solution can help you deal with the problem. After all, we are talking about hot and cold flashes issue that is caused by anxiety disorder. So, what we suggest for you to do is to adjust to your comfort level.

Simply shed one or two layers of your clothes if you feel hot, and add more if you feel cold. For safe option though, you can wear lightweight clothes but keep extra on hand. That way, you won’t have to wear and bring clothes too much. So, give it some consideration.

Getting Up and Doing Something

hot flashes and cold chills at the same time
In some occasions, people would experience this symptom when they go to bed. People would have trouble falling asleep. It is what they call as night sweats, to be exact. If you are experiencing this problem, what we suggest here is for you to get up from the bed first.

You need to cool down and forget how you feel even if it is just for a short moment. Walking around or watching TV for a bit should do the job to help dealing with hot and cold health symptom. You can go back to sleep then.

Putting Your Thoughts in Journal

feeling cold and sweating at same time
This symptom we are talking about here is usually fueled by thoughts, indeed. When you are over thinking it, you will raise your body heat. So, the best way to solve the problem is for you to cool your mind down. You don’t have to do much, actually.

All you need to do is to put your thoughts somewhere else. It can simply be on a piece of paper or even diary or journal. Knowing that your thoughts has been put somewhere else will help cool down hot and cold flashes. So, do give it a try.

Doing Relaxation to Reduce Issue

why am i freezing and sweating at the same time body is really warm but i feel very cold flu fever headache dizzy
Since anxiety is the cause of the issue here, we can simply conclude that we need something reduce such feeling with. There are some techniques you can try. They are deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization.

Even though they don’t cure hot and cold happening together, you can at least reduce the length of time the symptom affects you. They should help you feel more comfortable, thus making it easy to cope with the flashes. It is worth taking this advice into account.

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