Causes & Treatment of Feeling Cold After Eating

feeling cold after eating
Why do I get cold after I eat? There are many cases where people experience feeling cold after eating. This body temperature change may happen to you.

You should not be panic but you must know why it happens and how to deal with it. Many people say that it happens because of the slow metabolism. Is it true? Let’s see the more discussion below.
cold after eating

What Causes It?

Experiencing cold or chills after eating usually relates to the foods you eat. In fact, your foods can affect the metabolism in your body. So, let’s pay attention to the following possible causes:

Low Carb Diet

the reasons why do you get cold or shivering freezing after you eat body temperature drops
Do you have low carbohydrate diet now? If you are following this kind of diet, this causes you feel cold especially after you have some low carb diet foods. You need to know that low carb diet makes you get lower iron in blood. Then, your body will feel cold. It can also cause cold sweat, usually happens in hands, legs, and forehead. Other possible causes are low / high blood pressure and stress.


body temperature affected by eating cooling and heating effects on appetite
If you feel cold after eating, you may experience hypothyroidism. This is a condition where your thyroid glands failed to produce enough amount of thyroid hormone. As we know, thyroid gland functions to control metabolism & temperature regulation. If you experience this condition, you will be very sensitive to the changes of temperature especially cold.

Other Health Problems

Besides those conditions, some other problems of health can also make you experience cold after eating. For example, it can be the symptom of immune deficiencies, anorexia, diabetes (read also sleepy / tired after eating), anemia, and malnutrition. So, you cannot be careless if it happens to you. You have to meet a doctor as soon as possible.

What to Do?

getting cold or chills after eating
Feeling chill after eating may show a serious condition or not. To know the more detailed condition, you need to see a doctor, especially if this happens for long time. The doctors usually will suggest you to stop smoking. Then, you also have to choose the foods more carefully. Besides, you can also try some home remedies:

Eating Gingers

Ginger can help you improve blood circulation and digestion as well. What you need to do is to eat some ginger slices a few minutes before having meals. You also need to drink much water all the day.

Eating Hot Foods

This is the easiest way to prevent feeling cold. In this tip, we recommend you to eat hot foods such as baked, broiled, or steamed foods. You can also drink hot or warm beverages such as hot chocolate, warm milk, etc.

Avoid Overeating

Overeating can make you feel cold then. So, you should prevent overeating. To prevent overeating, you can drink a glass of water before eating. You also need to eat regularly and do not wait until you are hungry.

Take Fresh Lime & Ginger

This is another way you can try. You need to take slices of lime & ginger. Then, add salt on those slices. It will make your digestive enzyme stronger and avoid coldness.

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