Falling Asleep After Eating

Having meals should be the way to energize your body. But, for those of you who have the problem of falling asleep and tired after eating, you need to start ‘listening’ to what your body tries to tell you.

The causes of getting sleepy after having meals are various. It can be diabetes, yeast infection, and also obesity.
falling asleep after eating

Sleepy After Meals Might Be the Alarm for Your health


People with diabetes will find themselves very tired after having too much sugar and carbohydrate in their meals. The insulin is ineffective at getting the sugar into the cell which makes the cells unproductive.

The cells are the source of energy for our body. When they are unproductive, we’ll have lack of energy, hence the sleepiness. This happens to people with high-blood sugar levels.
why do i fall asleep after eating

Falling asleep after eating can also tell you that you are suffering hypoglycaemia or low-blood sugar levels. Consuming too much diabetes medicine will increase your blood sugar levels. It then decreases within two hours. This low-blood sugar level will leave you dizzy, weak, and sleepy. F you experience low blood sugar level, you can treat it with fruit juice, soft drinks, sugar, honey, or glucose tablets.

The cause of sleepiness after meals is actually the excessive carbohydrate intake. Eating sweet desserts or beverages can give your body too much sugar.

You have to start keeping track of your carbohydrate intake to avoid uncontrolled diabetes. With a healthy diet and controlled sugary meals, you can manage your blood sugar levels. You also need to have further check up to know whether you have hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia that makes you want to sleep after eating.

Yeast Infection

However, diabetes is not the only disease which symptom is feeling sleepy after having meals. If you feel sleepy after eating, you also need to know the time. Falling asleep in 1.5 to 2.5 hours after eating can indicate that you have Candida Yeast overgrowth in your small intestine. You need to avoid eating too much sugar and fruits.
extremely tired after eating


The sleepiness after meals is also a sign of obesity. It commonly happens to overweight people. Any overweight person gets hungry easily. When you feel hungry, obviously, fatty food or complex carbohydrate meals and sugary desserts seem to be the best choice.

For the obese, these foods are absolutely not recommended. It can reduce the body oxygen levels. The reduction of body oxygen will cause the difficulty in breathing. It can also cause hunger for fats and starches that will lead to stress and higher heart rate.

So, do not take sleepiness after meals for granted. Most people only believe that it is perfectly normal to feel sleepy when your stomach is full. You should notice negative symptom, too. Start having a check up and always keep track of your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Don’t forget to see the time, too, in order to make sure of your health. Last but not least, keep a healthy diet everyday to avoid any kinds of disease!

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