Belly Button Problems & Other Symptoms of Bleeding, Infection, Swollen etc & What to Do with Them

Have you felt something strange on your belly button? It is dark, warm, and moist area after all. If there is anything, it would make the perfect place for infection to happen. Bacteria are able to grow perfectly in such place. That is why it is common if you feel your belly button itchy, tickling, crusty, smelly, swollen, itchy rash on your navel, or even painful at worst.
belly button problems

To tell you the truth, it is not the only symptom of the issue you are suffering from. Let us tell you about it in this opportunity and you will know what is happening to your belly button. There are some treatments to consider too.

Infection might very well be one of the symptoms of belly button bleeding. Since it is caused by infection, you need hygiene and antibiotics.
belly button navel issues

Symptoms of Belly Button Bleeding

If tickling is not the only thing that you feel from your belly button, you should be aware of the real problem here. Who knows you might be suffering from belly button bleeding?

This stomach issue is usually seen by signs, like tenderness, pain around your navel, skin discoloration, itching, burning sensation, puss-filled abscess, swelling, foul smelling discharge, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding itself along with the tickling sensation. If you feel all these symptoms, you are very likely to get belly button bleeding. There is one thing to know though.

Depending on the cause of the navel infection, you might show different symptoms from one to another. After all, there are bacterial infection and fungal infection. However, you can use those symptoms above as the general signs of the problem.

Belly button issue is not comfortable to feel even if the symptoms don’t seem to show much danger. Don’t ignore it if you already feel the discomfort. Since it’s one caused by bacteria, you might never know when it will get even worse if you left it alone. They are not visible to eyes after all.
belly button problem pain infection bleeding swollen rash stinky leaking discharge

Things to Do to Treat the Problems

Sure, you can go visit your doctor to seek for help. There are some things that doctor would likely recommend to her/his patients suffering from belly button bleeding though. Sure, you will receive some medication, but doctor would surely suggest you to make lifestyle changes.

First of all, you will have to wear loose clothing. That way, your stomach will be neither too warm nor too moist, preventing bacteria to grow. Of course, you will have to maintain good hygiene yourself along with it. Keeping it would help a lot here.

After all, bacteria do grow in dirty place. Also, you have to make sure that the belly button dry. When you are already infected, you should not promote the bacteria growth yourself.

If you are wearing any piercing in your belly button, we suggest you to remove it for the time being. Cleaning navel piercing requires proper treatment. That way, you can promote healing process for sure. Depending on the infection, you might be suggested to use antibiotic powder or cream too. Belly button problem can be taken care of like this. Ask your doctor first and give them a try then.

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