Belly Button Bleeding: Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatments

Not many people know that people can apparently experience the belly button bleeding. What they know is that their belly button might have a lot of dirt and that it should have been cleaned regularly.

In fact, when your belly button gets bleeding and you don’t know anything about it, well there are some different causes why it happens. You can’t guess where it comes from, how it happens, and also how to deal with it. Some studies show that the causes could be because of the infection, primary umbilical endometriosis, or maybe the complication from the portal hypertension.
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The Causes of Belly Button Bleeding
When the main cause of your bleeding that happens in the belly button is because of the infection, then the symptoms, diagnosis, and the treatment would be different.


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If you suffer from the bacterial infection, you would have different signs and symptoms from those who suffer from the fungal infection. Here are some general signs that you will face when you get the bleeding because of the infections. You will experience the changes of the skin coloration in the area of your navel. Sometimes the belly button can be swollen, itchy, painful, and also bleeding.

People would also experience nausea, vomiting, and also dizziness. However, it might only a few of them which happen to you when infection is the cause behind the bleeding in your belly button.

When you are diagnosed with an infection in your belly button, the doctor will start doing the whole physical exam. He will get a sample using a swab from your belly button to have a further test. Finally he will do the treatment which is mostly about the different lifestyle due to the medication. It could be by taking care of the infected area to be dry and ensuring the hygiene of the belly button such as removing the piercing and wearing loose T-shirt.

Portal Hypertension

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When the cause of the bleeding happened in belly button is because of the portal hypertension, there would be some signs that you need to recognize. There would be abdominal swelling, abdominal pain, tarry and black stool, and also confusion.

When you experience these signs, there are some diagnoses that you can do. They are MRI, CT scan, liver biopsy, and also ultrasound. In order to treat it, you can consume some medications in order to reduce the blood pressure. For the severe bleeding, the blood transfusion is needed.

Primary Umbilical Endometriosis

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This primary umbilical endometriosis is mostly happened to women. There are signs which people can refer as the belly button bleeding. Sometimes people may experience the lump near the belly button or even swelling that is followed by the pain and also discoloration.

If these happen, you can have CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound to make sure. The treatments that you will undergo are surgery in order to get rid of the lump or nodule, hormone therapy for a long time, and also some medication to consume to prevent the belly button bleeding.

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